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Cómo es el servicio de esta compañía

Cómo es el servicio de esta compañía

Tiempo de Actualización:2017-11-14

8. Products service commitment

  The company has 20 years of experience in the production of frozen equipment design experience. The company to Quality first. Customer first. Service first service to serve customers, customer satisfaction as the goal of special service commitment

A). The Sales prior to service commitment

1.Free of charge to provide customers with technical advice and product information

2.According to customer needs to provide a reasonable price.

3.According to the customer needs we can non-standardized design and production

4.We provide a study of the reception, at any time to receive your inspection, and try to provide a variety of convenient conditions for your inspection.

B). The sales service commitment

1.Consciously abide by the provisions of the contract law, to ensure the smooth performance of the contract and technical agreement.

2.By the amount of time to provide you with quality products, and the optimal mode of transport, to ensure that you receive the goods flawless and perfect.

3.Actively communicate with the use of personnel, respect for customers, to provide customers with thoughtful technical support.

4.According to the provisions of the contract to provide you with guidance and installation, commissioning and training services

C). The Service commitment after sales

1 . We randomly provide equipment for wearing parts.

2 .We will provide the technical training and technical data of the relevant personnel in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

3 . Products have quality problems, a year of free mailing equipment accessories, life-long technical support and maintenance, there is a contractual agreement in accordance with the contract.

4. We are free to carry out technical guidance, from your own to rule out the simple failure of the equipment.