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Cómo elegir el congelador rápido líquido del nitrógeno

Cómo elegir el congelador rápido líquido del nitrógeno

Tiempo de Actualización:2017-12-17

2. Main structure and configuration of the Liquid Nitrogen quick freezer

The equipment is a continuous production line,Safe and durable,Easy operation. Quick freezing machine mainly by the body, insulation system, transmission system, refrigeration system, control system


Body and thermal insulation system

Body design:The thickness of the inner cavity and the outer cavity is 2MMsus304 food grade stainless steel plate shearing and bending.The position of the force with the reinforcement and reinforcement of Teflon,To ensure long-term bearing does not deform,Make the craft beautiful.   

Integrated electric cabinet,Save space.

Thermal insulation layer:Germany imported BASF polyester raw materials.Multi layer thermal insulation foam insulation layer, insulation layer thickness: 150mm

Equipment maintenance:Adopt integral lifting system,Easy to clean and maintain the conveyor beltThe bottom of the body with drain out,In order to discharge equipment to clean waste residue and water;Design of equipment with long life and low consumption,Simple and rapid replacement of vulnerable parts,Excellent maintainability.Lifting screw material is SUS304.

Transfer system

Food transportation: SUS304 food special conveyor belt,With variable frequency adjustable speed motor,Conveying speed can be adjusted according to different products;The device is also provided with a mesh belt tightness adjusting device,To ensure the stable and long life of the food conveyor belt

Variable frequency motor and speed reducer,Adjustable speed。

Conveyor belt is stainless steel 304 chain plate mesh belt,Corrosion resistance and low temperature resistance,Can be used for a long time.

Refrigeration system

Liquid nitrogen flow control solenoid valve:KEIHIN solenoid valve with manual liquid nitrogen stop valve joint control, equipped with redundant systems, in which a group of faults, but also normal production, to ensure adequate safety


A series of stainless steel nozzles formed in liquid nitrogen quick freezing zone formed a uniform and stable liquid nitrogen cold flow, and the nozzle has a long life without damage.The conveyor belt is equipped with a spray device,Automatic manual operation,Can open all the work can also open the work independently.The upper and lower spray angle can be adjusted, so that the speed of product production more uniform effect

Low temperature long axis motor and aluminum alloy axial fan,In the air cooling mode, it can guarantee the fast convection cooling, at the same time, it can ensure the uniform temperature field and the fan speed can be adjusted.Fan blade angle can be adjusted manually according to different products

Liquid nitrogen transfer tube:Low temperature high pressure liquid nitrogen conveying pipe,The outer layer is treated by heat preservation,Not easily damaged,Can effectively reduce the loss of liquid nitrogen

The feed end and the discharge end are provided with a tail gas outlet, which is connected with a large flow frequency conversion fan, and the tail gas of the quick freezing line can be drawn out to the designated position for discharging or pre cooling material

Control system

The control system has two kinds of automatic and manual refrigeration mode, the user can choose according to the different production needs

With the running speed of the network, the fan speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion, matching the different temperature to adapt to different frozen categories

The use of man-machine interface (touch screen) input, PLC intelligent control, with PID automatic adjustment function, can be divided into ten steps to cool and heat preservation, automatic alarm after the end of all procedures

PT100 platinum resistance temperature measurement,Measuring range:200℃~-200℃。

SIEMENS 10 inch color screen,Manual and automatic operation,Input is intuitive and simple.Can store a variety of refrigeration technology, one button operation.

Contactor, button: all imported Schneider components, reliable and durable

Belt drive system is equipped with independent frequency conversion motor

At the discharge end of the equipment, the receiving end of the electric cabinet is equipped with emergency stop safety switch to ensure the safety of different stations at any time