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Quick Freezer WIKI

Quick Freezer WIKI


First: the First cold chain quick-freezing machine Introduction:

 Quick-freezing machine is a fast freeze equipment, the product in a relatively short period of time by -35℃ even more lower temperature make the product center temperature reaches -18℃, (3cm thick below the frozen product (excluding packaging), within 30min product center temperature from +15 down to -18 ℃ As the standard), in order to achieve the product lattice does not change, the water does not precipitate, to achieve product reversibility of fresh. Easy to transport products, products to achieve the complementary season, the maximum extent to ensure that the product of fresh.

Second: the working principle:

The quick-freezing unit is mainly composed of a quick-freezing machine, a refrigeration system and an electrical control system. The worker will put a frozen plate of frozen food or directly through the quick-frozen inlet into the quick-freezing machine ,so that the product is heated by the central temperature Or other temperatures, to -18 degrees.

Three: Quick Freezing machine classification

Tunnel-type freezer: simple structure, easy operation, wide range of applications. Affordable. Suitable for a variety of products quickly frozen. Such as :meat seafood.

Spiral type freezer: the use of spiral transmission products, small footprint, the amount of freezing, so this mechanism can produce a larger production of quick-frozen equipment, the current application is also more, mainly used in the food industry frozen industry.such as:meat seafood.

Fluidizing quick-freezing machine (IQF): the use of the end of the way to make the product in the fluid process to achieve rapid freezing, suitable for  individually product quick freezing.such as : fruit and vegetable etc

Liquid nitrogen quick-freezing machine: is a new type of efficient quick-freezing machine temperature up to -196 degrees, this equipment is suitable for product more thickness, product value-added products,Compared with other quick-freezing machines, this equipment does not compress the unit, the equivalent of the same production rate of freezer, the purchase cost is low, but the use of relatively high cost, the user can be based on local conditions and product value selection of this equipment.

Hydraulic Contact Plate Freezer:

The internal aluminum plate of the hydraulic contact plate freezer can be moved horizontally up and down, and heat exchange is achieved by double-sided contact with the frozen product. The product can be quickly frozen and the corresponding refrigeration system can be matched according to the customer's needs. The quick-freezing machine is suitable for land and fishing Frozen pieces of food, such as fish, surimi, shrimp, shellfish and so on.

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